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Boat Launch Failures

As a follow up to our Trouble at the Boat Ramp Article, we wanted to share some of these rather funny boat launches that folks around the country have filmed.

Ski and Carp Hunting

These guys have found a way to combine the joy of water skiing with carp hunting - usually done with a bow.  Kids don't try this at home - or in your waters without extensive knowledge of the area, water depths, etc.  This is not for the faint of heart.

Missouri River Big Head Carp Hunting

Shooting Big Head Carp on the Missouri River.  The battle ensues...

10 Camping Hacks

Camping in a tent or in a full blown RV, these camping ideas will be sure to make your next outing more enjoyable.

Cleaning Fish The Easy Way

Cleaning is not the most fun part of the sport.  Catching and eating them is for sure.  We are always looking for guidance on better techniques and ways to clean fish and these videos show us how.


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