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Rippertail Fishing Lure Review

By Kevin Weber - Missouri Great Outdoors Staff

Crappie fishing in Missouri with Rippertail Fishing Lures

Vibrant Colors and Unique Tail

I love to fish for crappie so when I was asked to test some new crappie lures to see how they worked, no one had to twist my arm to give them a try.  Off to the water I went armed with several colors of Rippertail Fishing Lures.  My first impression was the vibrancy of the colors and the unique tail.  The Rippertail bodies have a soft feel that gave me the impression the fish would hold on to them instead of quickly spitting them out.   I paired them with a Hook Set Slab Master jig head and at once noticed the unique design where the body meets the tail, allowing them to be easily threaded on the hook.  

How to thread Rippetails Fishing Lures







Success Vertical Jigging As Well As Casting

I started off with a three tone grey color and had fish immediately.  We worked  the Rippertails casting around structure and vertical jigging with success.  I was happy with the variety of colors that were offered.  In this picture I was using a red/white combo that is always a favorite of mine in the spring.  I have not fished much with a jig of this tail design but was pleased with the action and found the crappie tore them up.

Great day fishing with Rippertails Fishing Lures

One of the things I look for in a good jig is how well they hold up as you are catching fish.  It is a fine line between a jig being soft enough to feel real to the crappie and firm enough to hold up to bit after bite.  I was pleased to see that they stayed on the hook well even after sever fish were caught. 



Final Thoughts

Keep one of that great color to match up to order more.  In fact once you figure out which colors work the best for you - you better double up your order.   This is a great product made local in Missouri. . I look forward to many more trips to my favorite crappie holes using Rippertail Fishing Lures. 

We found them at http://www.rippertaillures.com/