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13 Camp Kitchen Tips

13 Camp Kitchen Tips While Enjoying Missouri Outdoors


  1. Always hang your food properly or store in lockers (if provided) or out of sight in your vehicle when camping.
  2. Missouri Camping Cooking TipsCook on a camp stove. Campfires are difficult to control and more likely to burn food and your fingers.
  3. Freeze meat prior to departure. It will stay fresh longer.
  4. If you must take glass-bottled beverages, wrap the bottles in aluminum foil or sealed in zip-top plastic bags, so if they break, glass shards don’t find their way onto the ground to harm wildlife.
  5. Use or build a windscreen for the stove, it will conserve fuel and shorten cooking times.
  6. A tarp strung over (standing room height at least) the camp kitchen keeps falling debris and rain out of food and flame.
  7. No fuel-fired stoves, lanterns, heaters or other appliances should be used inside a tent. The tent can burn and fumes can kill.
  8. If weight is not an issue, invest in a couple of good cast iron pieces. A deep frying pan and a Dutch oven can cook 90 percent of camp food.
  9. Bring three separate fire-starting devices (lighters, matches, and such), waterproofed or sealed in plastic bags. The idea is that one of them will work, no matter what.
  10. Filter, boil or purify all your drinking water unless it comes from a known clean source. No matter how clean the creek looks, it’s not.
  11. When packing your food, don’t forget the spices — salt and pepper can liven up any meal.
  12. Don’t forget potholders, but if you do, a thick hiking sock will do.
  13. Make sure you have a can opener. A knife and a hammer is a dangerous substitute.

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