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2014 U.S. Open Bowfishing Championship

2014 U.S. Open Bowfishing Championship


Bow fishing tournament MissouriBass Pro Shops announced the 2014 U.S. Open Bowfishing Championship dates of May 3rd and 4th, from 7pm - 7am at Table Rock Lake & Bull Shoals Lake

Check their website for more info.

Bowfishing is a great way to help control invasive fish species that threaten game fish and their habitat. Fish harvested by bowfishing usually include common carp, grass carp, bighead carp, drum, buffalo and alligator gar among others. These fish disturb game fish beds, stir up mud which affects water clarity and are a source of competition for food.  No game fish, such as bass, can be taken during this event.

According to Bob Ziehmer, Director of the Missouri Department of Conservation archery is a growing sport in Missouri and the department is committed to establishing Archery in the Schools across Missouri. "Bowfishing allows an individual to take the skills from archery and utilize those skills on the lakes and Streams of Missouri," said Ziehmer.






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