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How to Pick A Duck Hunting Guide

Picking a duck hunting guide can be overwhelming if you search for one on the internet. How do you know which one to pick? And can you trust them? There are many factors to consider such as online ... Read More

Prevent Hypothermia For Your Dog

Protecting Your Hunting Dog From The Danger Of Hypothermia Freezing winter conditions are harsh on sportsman, but it is hard on their hunting companions as well. Here are some ideas on how to ensur... Read More

Shooting A Deer Decoy

Shooting A Deer Decoy - Not too smart... A deer decoy has been used for years by Conservation to help stop poaching and people hunting from the roads.  Below are several videos shared by the M... Read More

LED Headlight That Flat Works

LED Headlights Are Great For Outdoor Use. I love using head lights when fishing out in the boat, or walking through the woods coming back from a hunt.  But it is always a challenge to try and ... Read More

Summer Big Buck Scouting

August is big buck month, if you are into early season scouting that is.  Antlers are about ninety percent developed and this is the time to start inventorying your bucks for the coming season. ... Read More

Coyote Hunting Tips

Coyotes have scattered across the nation like cell-phone towers, offering more hunting time for you almost anywhere, including locations near civilization. Their large quantity and broad distribution ... Read More

First Aid For Your Dog

How to prepare for taking your dog in the woods.   Your browser does not support iframes. [adsense-hunting-page] ... Read More

Dove Hunting

Dove Hunting In Missouri You know fall is approaching when it gets close to dove season.  Mourning doves, Eurasian collared doves, and white-winged doves may be taken from Sept. 1 through Nov.... Read More

Catching Missouri Feral Hogs

As of late MDC has set out to trap wild hogs which are becoming a big problem in parts of Missouri. They commented recently that some misguided hunters disrupt these trapping efforts and ruin weeks of... Read More

Crossbow - Full Auto Style

Can you imagine a crossbow that was fully auto?  Powered by a handheld drill, this crossbow fires bolts fast and no more reloading by hand as this thing takes care of that for you. It holds up to... Read More

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