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Dont forget - Online Hunter Safety Course -  If you were born on or after Jan 1, 1967 you need to take and pass a hunter education course here in Missouri. It's the law.

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Cooking Venison Steak Rolls

Cooking deer or coming up with deer reciepies can be fun for your latest harvest.  Here is some creative ways to prepare venison.  For complete recipe info go to MDC website [ad... Read More

Cooking Squirrel

Cooking Squirrel [adsense-hunting-page] Your browser does not support iframes. [adsense-hunting-page] ... Read More

Identifying Animal Tracks

Hunting or just camping is a good time to be able to identify tracks on the ground or snow.  This handy guide below can help. [camping-articles] Your browser does not support iframes. ... Read More

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