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LED Headlight That Flat Works

LED Headlights Are Great For Outdoor Use.


LED Headlights Are Great For Outdoor Use.

I LED Headlight Headlamplove using head lights when fishing out in the boat, or walking through the woods coming back from a hunt.  But it is always a challenge to try and hang on to flashlight and carry my gear.  Never mind trying to land a big catfish while holding a light.

That's where headlights or headlamps come into play.  I have bought several varieties over the years.  Some work better than others.  We recently found one online that was not only bright but very affordable.  So we bought a couple and tested them out.

Here is what their specs say:

  • Producing a ultra bright beam of light by 3x CREE XM-L T6
  • 4 mode indication such as 1xt6/2xt6/3xt6/ Strobe
  • Extensive Lifetime of LED (10,000 hours),Rechargable batteries and universal charger provided
  • Adjustable headband and the head of the light bulb with zoom and tilt adjustment as the headlamp

Now the advertising says Lumens: 6000 Lm which I can tell you from the various lights I own isn't true.  But it is very very bright.  Yeah you guessed it - probably coming from overseas.  But unlike several things I have bought from there - it is built really well. 

led headlight outdoorsHaving multiple modes not only let you save on battery (which by the way is rechargeable) but you don't always need an intense tactical light for some things.

The headlight is powered by: 2 x 18650 Li-Lon 3.7V Battery that fit in the case on the headgear in the back.  I thought from the pictures it looked heavy and clunky but actually found it to be comfortable to wear.  The package comes with the headlamp, 2 rechargeable batteries, Wall charger and Usb cable.  It charges quickly and they claim a run time of 3 hours on high.  (we have yet to test this).

Coverage of the light is very good.  It throws a great beam and the side lights really light an area up well.  We took it into the backyard just to see how well it does the job and frankly I was impressed.

Downside to a light like this is you have to be careful when around other people.  You forget the light is on and if someone speaks to you - you have the natural tendency to look at them.  Don't... it hurts.  The light is so bright they will be seeing stars for a while until their night vision comes back.

My real test will come early this spring on the boat.  From running lines to actually driving down the river in the boatI can imagine how great this light will be.  I have sold or thrown away my old spotlights a couple of years ago because LED flashlights had gotten so much better.  But until this one came along, I hadn't seen a wearable headlamp that was this bright.

led headlightUpsides - we saw this light originally online for $49.  We went out and found them much cheaper - less than half. Like less than $25.   Here is the link below or click on the product picture above to take you where you can order one,.

There are a lot of uses for this light but I know it will be great for:


  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Bowfishing
  • Auto Repair
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Camping.

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