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Making Tent Camping More Enjoyable

Making Tent Camping More Enjoyable


We have gathered some ideas together to make camping in a tent more enjoyable, or at least more bearable.  Try some of these tips out the next time you go...


Save your back and keep things dry by using playground foam under your sleeping bags. 

Tent camping tips Missouri

Make a nice glow light by attaching a head lamp to a jug full of water.  This creates a nice ambient light that will fill your tent.

Camping light tips MO

Make a lantern from Mountain Dew, Baking Soda and Peroxide.  Fun for the kids and cheaper than buying glow sticks

small tent light camping Missouri

Keep your TP dry and easy to manage by cutting a slit in a coffee can.

Camping equipment Missouri tents

Wrangle your cooking equipment by strapping a belt on a tree with hooks.

Camp cooking equipment tips MO


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I have always loved camping, ever since I was eight, and was forcibly stuffed in a trunk and dropped off in the middle of the forest. My dad was a complex man, but I believe he was trying to show me the value of camping.

- Jarod Kintz