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Like anything practce makes perfect.  Getting ready for that next big hunt or checking your gear is important.  No matter the skill level everyone can become a shot or hunter by visiting a local shooting range. Some of the ranges offer a staff of specialists or trained volunteers can help you improve in firearms and archery.

Many of the ranges we list on the site are courtesy of the Missouri Department of Conversation and many of them are free to use.  All staffed MDC shooting ranges and outdoor education centers are funded through federal aid grants.  Click here to learn more.

Gun & Archery Range Rules

Listed here are a basic set of gun or archery range rules.  Be sure and check with the local range you are using for more information as it may vary.

  • Please observe all rules when visiting a range.  It is for your protection and others.
  • All shooting range users must wear eye and ear protection.  Some may provide this for free or a small rental fee.  Most will allow you to bring your own.
  • Shooting ranges in MissouriAlways keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction away from others.
  • Handle every firearm as though it were loaded.
  • Always make sure the firearm is unloaded, and keep the action open until you are ready to shoot.
  • Be sure the barrel and action are clear of obstructions and that you have the correct ammo for the firearm you are shooting.
  • No drugs or alcohol or people under the influence should be anywhere near a range.
  • Obey “cease fire” commands promptly. Unload all firearms and lock actions open.
  • All shooters 15 years of age and under must have adult (at least 18 years old) supervision at MDC ranges.  Check your local private ranges for their rules.
  • No smoking on firing lines.
  • No more than two people in a booth and one firearm handled at any given time.
  • Only fire at designated targets. No firing at frames, numbers, trash, or range equipment.
  • Household pets are not permitted on the range. Gun dogs brought to the trap-and-skeet ranges for training must be kept on lead and at least 25 feet from the firing lines on MDC ranges.  Many private ranges won't allow this at all.  Check with them prior to bringing your dog.
  • Breaking the range rules could result in immediate loss of range privileges
  • Most ranges require any fees to be paid before using the gun range.



Missouri Gun Ranges

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