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US Open Bowfishing 2014 Update

A Glimpse at the US Open Bowfishing 2014


A Glimpse at the US Open Bowfishing 2014

This was the most well organized event I have ever attended.  Bass Pro and Big Cedar Lodge folks really know how to host an event.  Lots to see and do even if you weren't competing - it was a full day of contests, giveaways, good food and a gathering of great folks from all over the country.

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Bowfishing is a great way to help control invasive fish species that threaten game fish and their habitat in Missouri and other states. Fish harvested by bowfishing usually include common carp, grass carp, bighead carp, drum, buffalo and alligator gar among others. These fish disturb game fish beds, stir up mud which affects water clarity and are a source of competition for food.  No game fish, such as bass, can be taken during this event.

Missouri Conservation on hand to answer questions and help promote this event.


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